1. Time your booking.

By using Tarzango, you already have a leg up on all other travelers when it comes to getting great lodging at exceptional rates. Here are a few tips on how to maximize your booking experience even further.

Thankfully, websites like TheSuitest.com can help you time your bookings so you get the best price without running the risk of not getting a room at all. The site allows you to search for hotels and predicts both room availability and price fluctuations.

2. Check for additional discounts from other affiliations.

You may qualify for additional discounts if you are a member of certain associations or organizations. Common examples are AAA and AARP, but groups like the American Bar Association, the United States Billiard Association, and even the Professional Disc Golf Association offer discounts on various hotel chains as well, as do other professional organizations, colleges and universities. Check with the organizations you are a member of to learn more, and also inquire with your credit card company, as many of them (Visa Signature, for example) offer discounts and perks for a variety of hotels.

3. Use those rewards!

When it comes time to book, utilize the cash back rewards and other benefits offered by credit card companies to capitalize on lower prices and other bonuses. (For example, ShopDiscover offers 5 percent cash back on all Expedia reservations, and topcashback.com gives 14 percent back on HotelClub.) Please note that, while anyone can use cash back websites, you may need to hold a credit card account with an issuer in order to access its online malls.

4. Negotiate—don’t pay—for upgrades.

Instead of booking the most expensive room up front, reserve a lower-rate room and then request an upgrade later. If you're traveling at an off-peak time, you have a stronger chance of upgrading to a vacant, better room at check-in, possibly even for free.

There are several tactics you can use to try and score an upgrade, such as:

Calling a manager to inquire if a better room is available.

Telling the manager or the representative at check-in that it’s a special occasion.

Showing up right on time for check-in (or even early). This could mean your room won’t be ready yet, and may compel the hotel to give you a different—and nicer—room.

Tipping in advance and mentioning you’d really love an upgrade.

Use your credit card! Yes, here too your card can come in handy. The American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts booking tool provides customers with everything from room upgrades to resort credits to complimentary breakfast. Visa Signature and World MasterCard cardholders are also eligible for special deals. The rewards are there for the taking, so you might as well use them!

5. Keep an eye out for price drops.

Your savings shouldn’t stop once your reservation is booked. As mentioned above, a room's price can fluctuate significantly on a daily basis, and there is no reason to be locked in to a higher rate if a better one becomes available. Tarzango guarantees customers the best available room rate, so if a lower price is found, it will possibly match it to your reservation.

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